Epicyclic Gear Train

Black and Decker

This project focused on modeling the gear trains within the Black and Decker electric screwdriver. In order to make these animations it was necessary to use gear mechanisms within Creo Parametric.

Gearbox CAD

This is a 3D model of the epicyclic gear train that is enclosed in the screwdriver. This gearbox is modeled based of the specifications and measurements of the actual screwdriver. Each component was designed from scratch.

Gearbox Simulation

The animation shows a simulation of the gearbox analysis that was done on the epicyclic gear train. It is clear that the gearbox successfully reduces the RPM received from the DC motor to a slower RPM that is used for the screw driving action.


Upon completion of the modeling, an engineering drawing was made per ASME standards. A cross-section of the gear train can be seen in section A-A.