Instant Hot Water

This project was part of a product design course. The goal of our team was to create a product that delivered hot water to the user’s shower-head quickly and without any water waste. The name of our product was EZ Pump.


This image shows the hardware design for this project. The system was controlled with user input (push-button), solenoid valves, temperature sensors, a relay shield, and an Arduino UNO.

User Interface

This shows the simple user interface required to operate the system. When the button is pushed, hot water circulates to the shower head and recirculates the cold water without any water waste. When the hot water has arrived at the shower-head, the LED blinks to tell the user that the shower is ready

Shower Apparatus

The image on the right illustrates the shower apparatus built in order to test the system. The pump used to circulate the water, the temperature sensor, and the solenoid valves are depicted as well.