3D Modeling

Designs made in Solidworks and PTC Creo

This section shows some of the 3D models I have created in SolidWorks and PTC Creo. The majority of the models were designed for manufacturing with 3D printers. In many cases I successfully 3D printed the models, which are also depicted below.

Charging Case

This is a charging case designed to enclose a LiPo battery and Adafruit 500c circuit board. One challenge in this design was creating the aesthetically pleasing diamond faceted surface finish.

Exploded View

Another challenge in modeling this case was creating snap fit joints that could be successfully 3D printed.

3D Printed Prototype

I successfully manufactured a prototype of the charging case. It was printed on an HP Jet Fusion, which uses SLS technology.

Hardware Components

The charging case was designed with correct tolerances so that it could always secure an Adafruit 500c and a 600 mAh Li-Po battery.

Glider Fuselage

This model shows the prototype design for the fuselage of a glider. My senior project involved 3D modeling/printing a glider that could only be built using additive manufacturing.

3D Printed Model

I printed the fuselage on a Stratasys Uprint. The platform on the top of the fuselage was designed to hold a wind section that could be secured with the pegs.

Cord Organizer

I designed this product to be a cord organizer for the user’s desktop. It has the capability of organizing three cords. The cords are placed under each of the hooks and then convene at the box in the back.

Form 2 Print

I printed the cord organizer using the Form 2 3D printer and Formlabs' Clear Resin. As depicted, the printed model neatly organizes 3 cords.

Headphone Stand

A 3D model of a headphone stand that I designed specifically for the use of the Sony WH-1000XM3 headset. I designed the arch to have a form fit with the headband of the Sony headphones.

3D Print

The model was fabricated on a Stratasys UPrint. The headphone stand worked as intended, providing me with an aesthetically pleasing place to store my headphones.


This was modeled for a product design course for the purpose of creating a functional whistle. The model was machined on a CNC and held together will bolts.

CNC Milled Whistle

This is what the whistle looked like after it had been milled. I made the CNC processes using GibbsCAM. The finished product functioned successfully as a whistle.

Handle Yoke

This was designed to be the handle yoke for the Kurt60 vise described in another section. The part was a challenge to design due to the unique curved surfaces.


A 3D model of a Lego brick designed to exact specifications. The lettering on each extrusion are my initials.


This shows a top view of the model.